• Land Excavation Services

    Land Leveling & Excavation Lays the Foundation for Your Future Plans

    Land excavation, land leveling, or land moving. All these projects require heavy equipment and knowledge of state and local regulations and city code compliance laws. Fort Worth Demolition Pro has the expertise in planning and project completion to do the job right without damaging your personal property or the property of your neighbors. Site preparation services can level and prepare land for a building foundation or a pool excavation. While our business is demolition, we know that tearing stuff down is the first step in construction of something new. Our team drives for high-quality results that will be sure to please. Fort Worth Demolition Pro knows how to accomplish these projects properly according to state and local regulations and code compliance. Excavation projects are diverse and can require very different approaches, depending on the size of the job. You might be looking to:

    • prepare your site for new construction
    • excavate the land for pool installation
    • remove an underground tank

    Our team of residential demolition experts has decades of experience and knows how to get the job done. We have completed large and small residential excavation projects. Our team can plan out the demolition with you to meet your specifications and accomplish your goals on time and on budget. Our experts know:

    • the right way to get the job done
    • how to plan your excavation project
    • how to get all the proper permits and approvals
    • which equipment is necessary for the job
    • how to rent and transport the equipment
    • what kind of labor the project will require
    • how to clean up and dispose of the debris
    With an excavation project, you are looking for someone with the experience you need to get your excavation job done right! Our team has completed large and small excavation projects. Fort Worth Demolition Pro knows the ins and outs of the demolition and excavation industry and the state and local regulations required to get your job done without surprises or unexpected costs. We work with you to plan the entire project, from planning to execution to clean up. We won't be surprised by special cases:
    • hazardous material handling
    • asbestos removal
    • tenant/resident evacuation

    You can trust Fort Worth Demolition Pro to get your excavation project in the Fort Worth, Texas, area accomplished from start to finish! Call us at 817-533-8872 for a free quote of your excavation project.

  • Land Clearing & Grubbing

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    land clearing and land grubbing
  • land leveling grading

    Land Leveling / Grading

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  • Concrete Removal and Asphalt Demolition

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    concrete removal and asphalt demolition